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Photo Story: R&B and Hip-Hop Showcase

Outlined in smooth red and purple lights, R&B and hip-hop artists took to the stage in the Curb Event Center Saturday night. 


Performing behind a mix of raucous beats and slower more intimate ballads, the artists displayed the beauty of the genres. Ty Ellenbogen, Kaden Ray, Bekah Jayne and Sheldon Smith each brought forth songs from their time at Belmont that showcased the wide variety of musicality that can be found within R&B and hip-hop. 


Getting the crowd engaged, artists would have the crowd clap, dance and even sing in a three-part harmony at one point. 


After all of the artists were finished performing, special guest Bren Joy took to the stage and performed a more intimate acoustic set before the winner was announced. 


Emcee Daniel Mazzerina and Joy announced that Jayne had won the R&B and Hip-Hop Showcase.  


She will join Amanda Nicole, Molly Grace, Benjamin Joseph and Kevin Bull Jr. in the final showcase of the year, the Best of the Best Showcase set for April.

Bekah Jayne belts out one of her original songs on stage, Braden Simmons

Sheldon Smith delivers one of his signature runs, Braden Simmons

Emcee Daniel Mazzerina walks on stage between artists, Braden Simmons

Ty Ellenbogen sings out to the crowd and picks his guitar, Braden Simmons

The crowd erupts as Sheldon Smith is announced, Braden SImmons
Kaden Ray dances around stage while his fiddler comes into the spotlight, Braden Simmons

Sheldon Smith sings while his fellow vocalists crowd around him, Braden Simmons

Bekah Jayne walks back on stage after being announced the winner, Braden Simmons


This article was written by Braden Simmons

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